April 06, 2014

Swoob Sports Bra Review

Swoob Bra Review
I was first introduced to Swoob sports bras from another blogger. Swoob is a Salt Lake City company that sells sports bras and leggings with a pocket for your phone.

For my review, I was sent the Idona Racerback Pocket Sports Bra to try out. This bra is for high impact exercises and is good for runners. It has three interior pocket so that you can easily store your phone, keys and energy gels. The bra fits up to a size D. It has soft and moisture wicking fabric.

Idona Racerback Pocket Sports Bra
I really like this bra a lot. With my pregnancy, I have needed to wear a lot more support for exercising (even speedwalking) to be comfortable. This bra does not have any padding but is tight enough to provide the support that I need.

Swoob Bra
I was able to run and walk comfortably in this sports bra. The Swoob Idona Racerback sports bra retails for $45 on the Swoob website.

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