April 27, 2014

Wildtree Review

Wildtree was founded on the idea that food should be natural, nutritious, tasty and easy to prepare. These products are made with no preservatives, additives, MSG, GMO's, fillers or dyes. Wildtree makes all kinds of products that help make your cooking easier. For my review, I was sent a variety of different products.

Mojitos are my favorite alcoholic beverage. Of course, right now I cannot have one being pregnant. I wanted to try this mix so I decided to make a mocktail. I combined the mojito mix with sparkling water and it was quite tasty!
zesty lemon grapeseed oil
The zesty lemon grapeseed oil is flavorful and a great addition to salad dressing. I added this and loved the fresh lemon flavor. I think that it would also  be good with fish.

Whole wheat beer bread
I'm a fan of beer bread but do not like that it is typically made with refined flours. This one is whole wheat so I was excited to try it. It is easy to make and I feel a lot better eating something higher in fiber and nutrients than a refined carbohydrate.

I was also send some dips and seasonings that will be fun to try including spinach zip, Tzatziki seasoning, fajita seasoning and alfredo.

It was fun to try these Wildtree products. Some of them are high in sodium so check packages or the website before purchasing.

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  1. That's different...never heard of a Shawarma Seasoning before...I'd use it for sure.


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