May 24, 2014

16 Best Summer BBQ Salads

In the summer, I love to grill most of our meals. Along with our grilled entree, I like to create healthy salads. I get so bored with making the same few things so I turn to all different types and nationalities of salads to compliment our meals.

Any type of vegetables taste amazing in the summer and I love making different combinations to complete a meal. In fact, I could just eat a huge salad for a meal and be completely happy.

Troy and I just planted some tomatoes, bell peppers, spinach and romaine lettuce which I hope grows well so I can use them for some of these recipes. Other favorite places to get veggies and fruit this summer are Eastern Market in Detroit which is a huge farmer's market and Randazzo's.

Here are some of my must-make salad recipes for the summer:

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