May 24, 2014

An Ode to Aunt Emma and Trina

This has been a rough month for my family and I. 

First, on April 30th, my parent's dog Trina passed away. We got her back in 2003 and she was a huge part of our lives. As you can tell by reading my blog, my dogs are not just dogs, they are part of the family. Trina was 10 1/2 when she passed away but it still was very hard. She had congestive heart failure and one evening after some struggles, she passed away. My dad, husband and sister buried her at my parent's farm which she loved with her tennis ball. 

Trina was a huge part of our lives and she is very missed. I thought about writing this post right after she passed but it was too sensitive at that time and honestly, I didn't even want to talk about it with many people.

I will miss Trina hitting me with her paw when she wants something. I will miss her crying every time we come over my parent's house. I will miss her wanting us to throw the ball for her every two seconds but holding onto the ball with jaws of life grip. I can't help but remember Trina being there for my prom and wedding and always being a diva. That dog had my heart and I miss her so much already.

The other person that passed away is my Aunt Emma. Aunt Emma is my great, great Aunt actually but was always very close to us. In my family, we are actually closer to our more distantly related relatives. Over the past couple of years, my dad and sister have become Aunt Emma's sole caretakers. She was able to live alone but could not drive, grocery shop, etc. by herself.

My dad or sister would go to her house every week or so to help her out with something. Yesterday, we found out that she passed away. I have some great memories with Aunt Emma that I will remember for my entire life.

She had a cottage up in Caseville, MI on a lake that we used to spend some weekends at when I was growing up. Aunt Emma was a very strong willed German woman so we have some very funny memories of things she would say or do. She was a great cook and I will always remember her famous carrot cake, jalapeno lime salad dressing, German potato salad, beef stroganoff and more.

Up until 2 days before she passed away, Aunt Emma loved drinking champagne, specifically Andres Cold Duck. She was a very classy lady and always wore heels, had her hair curled and wore makeup. Whenever I think of champagne, I will always remember Aunt Emma.

So yeah, it has been a rough few weeks over here. Even when the people or pets are older and even sick, death can be hard to deal with. I am a Christian and believe that people and pets go to heaven when they pass away and believe that both of my loved ones are now in a better place. But for us here on earth, we miss these people a ton and have the memories of them to hold onto.

Rest in peace Aunt Emma and Trina. See you again someday.

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  1. Oh, man. Tough month, indeed. I'm so sorry.

  2. So sorry for your your losses.

  3. Much sympathy to you and your family for the passing of a wonderful pet and Aunt. It is sad no matter if the loss is a loving pet or an elderly relative, the pain and heartbreak is still there. Wonderful memories will always be with you.
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