May 10, 2014

Nature's Hollow Review

Nature's Hollow Sugar-Free
I have read recommendations from bloggers to try the Nature's Hollow products and was happy to be sent some of their items to try. They make sugar-free condiments such as preserves, ketchup, honey, BBQ sauce and syrup. For my review, I was sent a variety of products to sample.

The first product that I tried ended up being my favorite. It is the sugar free apricot preserves. I love apricot jam and this one is so fresh. My favorite addicting combo is a whole-wheat tortilla spread with peanut butter and some of these apricot preserves. I like the smooth texture of the preserves too.
Nature's Hollow Preserves
The other preserves are very good. They do not taste sugar free. They use real fruit which is great. They are made with xylitol which some people have a hard time digesting but I have not had an issue. It is a 5-carbon sugar alcohol. These products may be a good option for diabetics who need to limit their sugar and carbohydrate intake.

The BBQ sauce is very good on grilled chicken and I like the ketchup for eggs and potatoes. All of the products had a genuine flavor and are all-natural.

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