May 15, 2014

Van's Snacks Review and Giveaway

Van's PB&J Bars
I am a huge fan of Van's products. All of their waffles are some of my favorite breakfast items. They come in gluten-free varieties as well as blueberry, multigrain and more. They are healthier than some other breakfast waffles and are ready in a matter of a couple of minutes. I was recently contacted about some new snack items that Van's Natural Foods has out. I was sent a variety of new-to-me snacks to review.

Van's has many gluten-free and allergy friendly products which is great for those who need them. They also have some organic breakfast options.

Van's Multigrain Chips
I was sent the Van's Mighty Good BBQ and Nacho, Nacho, Man! multigrain chips to try. These are made with gluten-free oats, brown rice, millet, quinoa and amaranth. Much healthier than other chips out there! They have 18 grams of whole grains per serving and 130 calories. I am a big fan of the BBQ flavor.

The PB&J bars are something that I knew I would like right when I saw them. They are made with real PB, fruit jelly and gluten-free bars. They are chewy and sweet and make a great snack or dessert. I like the strawberry flavor best but the blueberry are good as well. Especially for being a gluten-free product, they are very tasty.
Van's Crackers
The final products that I sampled were the healthier take on crackers such as Cheezits or Wheat Thins. I was sent the Say Cheese and Fire Roasted Veggie crackers to try. They are both gluten-free and are whole grain. I like the say cheese crackers to throw into my  lunch for a tasty salty snack. The veggie crackers are good for topping with your choice of dip or cheese.

All of these products were a bit healthier takes on traditional products and tasted good. I enjoyed trying them!

The giveaway will be for free product coupons for Van's products to one reader.
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  1. The pb+j look like something my little guy would love!

  2. Those PB&J bars look awesome! I love Van's products as well but have yet to try these. Yum!

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  4. Those look awesome! Yummy waffles!

  5. I'd like the gluten free cinnamon heaven cereal.

  6. The Van's waffles are my favorite!

  7. would love to try the pb snack bars, love gluten free products, have not tried this brand, but would love to

  8. I would love to try the waffles.
    Brittney House

  9. The fire-roasted pepper crackers sound the best to me.

    (tute-bot = christine)


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