June 30, 2014

Tasty Beverages Review and Giveaway

Maison Camus Coffee
1. Maison Camus Coffee- My husband and I love coffee and this coffee from Maison Camus is no exception. We were sent the french roast and signature blends. Since my husband likes his coffee strong nowadays, we made that one. It is described as a "dark roast coffee with intense flavors". This coffee is very flavorful and rich. I enjoyed having a cup with a couple splashes of skim milk. The coffee can be purchased in whole bean or ground varieties. The coffee is packaged right after roasting for peak freshness. We have been using our new iCoffee steambrew coffee maker to make this coffee and have really enjoyed it!

Vemma Antioxidant supplement
2. Vemma Antioxidant Supplement- Vemma is a drink that contains mangosteen, aloe vera, green tea and lots of vitamins and minerals. I added some of this to my smoothie in the morning and really enjoyed it. It tastes pretty fruity. One can has only 45 calories and contains 100-200% of many vitamins that you need per day. If you don't like to take a daily vitamin but want a boost of nutrients, this may be a good option.

Cascade Ice
3. Cascade Ice- I have heard of Cascade Ice products many times before but had never tried them until now. They come in fun, tropical, summery flavors including coconut pineapple, peach mango, coconut and coconut mango. I really enjoyed the coconut mango flavor most. These drinks are carbonated which have been fun to drink while pregnant when family/friends are drinking an alcoholic beverage. They have zero calories. They are highly flavored which is good if you like a lot of flavor. I added some of the coconut flavored one to my smoothie and enjoyed that. 

The giveaway will be for 3 bags of Maison Camus coffee to one winner.
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  1. I like caramel sometimes but the hubby doesn't add anything

  2. I like my coffee black, nothing added!


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