June 22, 2014

Wantable Intimates Review

Wantable Intimates
Last year, I reviewed the Wantable jewelry box. I was a fan of the jewelry. Recently, I was contacted to try out another box from Wantable. This time, I chose to review the intimates box. Wantable is a monthly subscription service that customizes your box based on preferences. They have a makeup box, jewelry and intimates.

I chose the intimates box because I wanted to see what kinds of products they would send. You choose what type of undergarments you like, fit, styles, etc. so that you get the kinds of items that you like.

I was sent a set of super comfortable pajamas in my box which I really like. I love feminine style pajamas but they have to be comfy. It is kind of hard to tell in the picture but the shirt is shorter in the center and longer on the sides.

Wantable Intimates
These underwear are the best! They fit my bottom so well and are extremely comfortable. I really, really like them and would highly recommend these.

Wantable Intimates
I also received this soft bra in my Wantable box. It is comfortable for hanging out in around the house but did not provide enough support for me to wear out.

You can do a one time purchase for $40 or subscribe to the monthly box for $36. I think that this is a good deal since I received a whole set of pajamas, underwear and a soft bra. The quality of the items seems to be good. I was very happy with the items chosen for my Wantable box and think that they were a good fit for me.

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