July 20, 2014

Melissa's Produce Review

Melissa's produce potatoes and shallots
I am a big fan of Melissa's products and have reviewed them a few times in the past (apples, potatoes, a cookbook, etc.). The products are very fresh and tasty. Over the last few years, I have been seeing them pop up all over at different stores as well.

For my review, I was sent some shattos and baby dutch yellow potatoes. With these, I decided to make some homemade hashbrowns for breakfast with some bell peppers and garlic. They were very tasty! I like how cute the little potatoes are.
Melissa's produce crepes
I was also sent some dried cranberries. With these, I made whole-wheat cookies with chocolate chips. They were tasty. I have not used these French crepes yet but look forward to trying them. I am thinking a banana and peanut butter type filling.

Melissa's fire roasted bell peppers
Finally, I was sent the fire roasted sweet bell peppers from Melissa's. Often times, jarred red peppers are soaked in oil so I love that these are not because they are much healthier this way. These are great on sandwiches and chopped up into salads.

Melissa's sells all kinds of seasonal produce include many organic varieties. They also have dried fruit, nuts, spices, beans and more.

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