July 01, 2014

New Foods Review and Giveaway Part 1

Skinny & Co Coconut Oil
1. Skinny & Co Coconut Oil- I love coconut oil because it is so versatile. I enjoyed trying this coconut oil for a few different things. I like cooking my bananas in it to make caramelized bananas. I also like using it in different recipes instead of regular oils. My favorite use for coconut oil is not in the kitchen at all though. I like coconut oil instead of lotion. It has a very low melting point so when the house is warm like it is right now, my coconut oil is partially room temperature and I use it to moisturize my skin after a shower. This coconut oil is 100% raw and alkaline. There are many potential benefits of coconut oil being studied and I am excited to learn more about what they find!

Marukan Vinegar
2. Marukan Vinegars- I love rice vinegar in different Asian recipes. Some favorites include peanut noodles, Asian coleslaws, etc. I really enjoy the regular Marukan rice vinegar. It adds a lot of flavor to your food with no sugar, salt and very few calories. Another product that is flavorful is the seasoned gourmet rice vinegar which is sweet and tangy. They also make a Yuzu Ponzu sauce which is a soy dressing that uses yuzu citrus. I look forward to creating recipes with these products.

Try this one: Rice vinegar, toasted sesame oil, coleslaw, peanuts, onion powder and green onions- so good!

Inbru Coffee Flavors
3. Inbru Coffee Flavors- About a year and a half ago, I tried Inbru coffee flavors and really enjoyed them. You just add a scoop to your coffee grounds before brewing and it adds delicious flavors to your coffee. I love this because it is a low-calorie way to boost flavor without adding heavy creamers or sugar. This time, I was sent some tasty flavors including salted toffee, blueberry muffin, vanilla hazelnut and peppermint bark.  My favorite flavor was the vanilla hazelnut. It adds a rich flavor to the coffee without being too overpowering. The salted toffee was another favorite. Along with some 2% milk, it made such a delicious drink. Inbru comes in all different flavors so if you like flavored coffee, you will love this!

The giveaway will be for one Marukan vinegar gift pack of 3 products and another winner will receive these 4 Inbru Coffee Flavors (salted toffee, blueberry muffin, vanilla hazelnut and peppermint bark).
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