August 10, 2014

Monkey Doodlez Review

The Laundry Tarts
I was recently sent some products from Monkey Doodlez to try out for when baby comes. I was sent some un-paper towels, a swim diaper and products from The Laundry Tarts.

I was sent the Sweet Spot Stain Removing Bar for everyday stains. Just use a natural bristled brush and rise. It is safe for cloth diapers and delicate fabrics. The laundry detergent works really well to get out stains too. I was sent a pina colada scent which smells really nice.

The shaker bon bon is a deodorizing powder that gets rid of odors. It is not just for baby items though! It can be used on carpet, cars, gym bags, cat litter and more. These products are available in many different scents including apple pie, banana bread, birthday cake, strawberry shortcake, rootbeer float and more. I think that that is really neat because it is rare to find yummy smelling laundry products.

Un-paper Towels
These un-paper towels are affordable at 6 for $5. They are 100% cotton flannel and can be used for sticky faces and messes. You can use this instead of a paper towel or paper napkins. They are 10" x 10" each.

Swim DIaper
I thought that this swim diaper with an owl on it was so cute! You do not have to cloth diaper to use this swim diaper. They do not require a disposable diaper under it and can be worn right against the skin. They come in different colors and patterns. The diaper does not absorb water so it will fit your child no matter how long they play.

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  1. That Owl swim diaper is beyond adorable! Sounds like you're really getting ready and collecting some really neat things for when the baby arrives :)


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