August 29, 2014

New and Tasty Foods Review and Giveaway

Bare Crunchy Coconut Chips
1. Bare Crunchy Coconut Chips- I had the opportunity to try these Bare coconut chips and really liked them. They come in three flavors: toasted, honey and sweet 'n heat. My favorite were the simply toasted flavor which are small and crunchy coconut flakes. I ate them plain but also think that they would be awesome over Greek yogurt with some fruit. Watch your serving size though as 1/2 cup has 150 calories and it is easy to eat more than that. Ingredients are kept super simple with just coconut, sugar and sea salt on the simply toasted variety.

Bare Fruit Bake-Dried Mango Chunks
2. Bare Fruit Bake-Dried Mango Chunks- This snack is so addictive! I am snacking on these as I type. They are not actually chunks but dried mango strips. They are 100% organic and taste great. They are chewy and sweet. I think that this would be a good snack for kids who like fruit rollups and snacks like that. These are of course much healthier and the only ingredient is organic mango. I like the firm texture and eat this when I want something like candy.

Lola Granola Bars
3. Lola Granola Bars- These bars were created by a mom of 4 young children who were going through a hard time. She made these bars to save money and many people loved the bars. Lola Granola bars was born from this! These bars are gluten-free and soy-free due to allergies that her kids have. My favorite bar is the Enzo which has cashews and almonds. They are sweetened with honey and use gluten-free oats. I have been enjoying having these for a snack throughout the day. They are filling, sweet and tasty. Another favorite is The Nathan which includes blueberries and almonds. To locate these bars, check out the store locator.

Indian as Apple Pie Chai Masala
4. Indian as Apple Pie Chai Masala- I was sent some chai masala which is a mix between cardamom, cloves and other spices to add flavor to Indian tea. You can now made authentic Indian tea right at home. It can also be used for apple pie, bread and nuts. I used this to make a delicious Indian tea. Just boil water, a tea bag 1/2-1 tsp masala, milk and your choice of sweetener. It was very tasty and was easily the best chai tea that I have had.

Indian as Apple Pie is a company that sells 8 different Indian spice blends to make Indian cooking easier at home. I love this because I really enjoy Indian food but do not have all of these specialty spices at home.

The giveaway will be for a sampler package of Lola Granola Bars and Indian as Apple Pie Chai Masala to one reader.
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