August 02, 2014

Nutritious Foods Review

Lucky Vitamin
1. Lucky Vitamin products- Lucky Vitamin is an online company that sells all kinds of healthy products including food, drinks and supplements. For my review, I chose a couple of my favorite products along with a new-to-me product: creamy buckwheat. Yogi green tea kombucha is my favorite kind of tea. It is fruity and very tasty. The once again creamy peanut butter is one of my favorite nut butters of all time. It is very smooth and peanuts are the only ingredient.

The creamy buckwheat is a whole-grain cereal. It is high in fiber and I have have heard good things about this product. I ended up making this similar to oatmeal and liked it. I has a nutty kind of flavor. I look forward to experimenting with this more.

Lucky Vitamin has lots of healthy products on sale. I love that you can get so many health foods in one spot without leaving your house. Some health foods are hard to find so I like that you can order a lot of different types of products at once.

Bump Water
2. Bump Water- Bump Water was made by Stacy Rauen and Amber Wilcox, two Brooklyn mothers who were seeking an additional way to help obtain the pre-natal nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy. Since I am pregnant and can always use a boost of nutrients, I was happy to try this. I sampled these drinks at an outdoor concert where the rest of my family was drinking wine. I was happy that I could try a fun beverage even though I cannot drink alcohol. I enjoyed both flavors. 

The cranberry ginger was flavorful and low in calories. The lemonade was sweeter. Both of these were flavorful and I enjoyed the carbonation. Bump Water has 100% of the recommended daily amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Calcium, Niacin, Biotin, Zinc, Magnesium that are found in prenatal vitamins.  Bump Water is available in both still and flat versions with flavors including Lemonade and Cranberry Ginger.

AMRAP Nutrition Bars
3. AMRAP Nutrition Bars- I was sent a few of the new Paleo bars from AMRAP to try out. They are made with real ingredients which I really liked. My favorite is the bar with almond butter and cinnamon. It is very rich and filling and pretty much tastes like almond butter. I also enjoyed the cashew butter bar which was also rich and flavorful. I did not know the nutrition facts until after eating these bars and found out that they have about 320 calories each. This is a lot higher calories than I look for in a bar but they were tasty. I think that these bars would be better suited for someone who needs extra calories such as an endurance athlete.

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