September 24, 2014

HelloFresh Review

Chipotle Grilled Chicken Pizza
I first reviewed HelloFresh about a year and half ago and fell in love with the service. HelloFresh is a meal service that sends you all of the ingredients to make a meal along with the recipes. I was sent the ingredients to make three different meals and my husband and I had an absolute blast making these recipes.

Previous to using these types of services, Troy and I hardly cooked together. I was the one who did most of the cooking but since trying these out, a lot has changed. Troy has gotten a lot more confident in his cooking and we have enjoyed making many meals together. This is probably a different kind of idea for how to use the HelloFresh service but I think that it makes an amazing date night in.

With a baby due ASAP (9 days!), Troy and I have loved making these meals together and hanging out while doing so. All three meals that we were sent to make were delicious and I will tell you about each of them.

I chose the classic box to review which is for people who eat meat. You can also pick a vegetarian option. Meals start at $10.75 per meal.

Fresh corn salsa pizza
My favorite meal by far was the tomato and corn salsa pizza with grilled chicken. This meal is pictured above and was so amazing! I love that HelloFresh sends you the recipe so that you know how to recreate this meal again in the future. I love that this recipe used whole wheat dough and super fresh ingredients including corn on the cob, tomatoes and jalapenos. It was simple enough to make and the chipotle peppers added a ton of flavor and spice. I would definitely make this meal again in the future.

Green goddess shrimp salad
All the ingredients laid out for our shrimp and hearts of palm salad.

HelloFresh makes it easy by giving you the correct amount of each ingredient that you need to make it very simple. The shrimp salad with hearts of palm and green goddess dressing was great as well. It featured a homemade creamy avocado dressing which we loved. Having the shrimp was a treat since we do not buy them that often. This meal was super quick to make. 
Green goddess shrimp salad
The final meal that we made was a colored cauliflower gratin with a tomato beef sauce. We enjoyed this but not as much as the other meals. I wish that it had more cheese to make it more like a typical gratin. I actually added fresh mozzarella to the dish before broiling which was awesome.

Colored Cauliflower Gratin
HelloFresh features fresh and healthy ingredients. I love that you do not have to feel guilty about eating these meals. I felt great after eating each meal and enjoyed having these last minute dates cooking with my husband before our baby is born. If you are looking for a meal service, I highly recommend HelloFresh.

***Also, please feel free to use the code HELLONUTRI at checkout for $15 off your first HelloFresh box- a great way to try out the service!

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