September 13, 2014

SexyPop Popcorn Review

SexyPop Popcorn
I love trying different kinds of popcorn and was able to try some new and unique flavors from SexyPop Popcorn. They have flavors such as Brazilian Coconut and Bodacious Banana! I had never heard of these flavors for popcorn before so when I opened my box of samples, I had to dig into the Brazilian Coconut flavor.

SexyPop Popcorn
The Brazilian coconut flavor of SexyPop Popcorn is very, very addictive. I made the mistake of eating straight from the bag and ate almost the entire bag in 1 sitting!! It is very tasty and has a medium coconut flavor (not too strong, not too weak). It is fairly sweet, salty and is very tasty. I love this flavor of popcorn and would definitely buy it in the future.

SexyPop is made by the maker of Pirate's Booty and Veggie Booty. It comes in 6 different flavors including black pepper, bodacious banana, bangin' cheddar, lightly salted, French butter and of course, coconut.

SexyPop Popcorn
I think that popcorn makes a fairly healthy snack because it is a whole-grain and compared to other salty snacks, it quite a bit healthier. The coconut flavor of popcorn has 39 calories per cup and a 3 1/2 cup serving has 140 calories. Ingredients include popcorn, sunflower oil, coconut flavor which includes sugar, flavors and salt.The popcorn is also GMO free.

I also really enjoyed the bangin' cheddar popcorn which is a classic cheesy popcorn. It has 40 calories per cup.

I look forward to seeing what other fun and unique flavors of popcorn that SexyPop comes out with in the future.

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  1. I've never seen these before. I love the variety of flavors.

  2. They have them at the regular grocery store which is Giant for me.


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