September 26, 2014

Skinnygirl Popcorn- A Lighter Twist

A review of Skinny Girl popcorn including nutrition and how it can make a great low-calorie snack.
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Skinnygirl Popcorn
I love popcorn! It is an easy to make snack that is fairly healthy and always a fun treat to have. Some brands of popcorn are high in calories and fat due to the excessive amounts of butter or sugar added. I recently had the opportunity to try the new Skinnygirl popcorn which is a low calorie popcorn. I tried both the lime and salt and butter and sea salt flavors. I couldn't wait to especially try the lime & salt flavor since I had never had one like that before.

Skinnygirl Popcorn Review

This product comes in a box of 10 mini bags that makes portion control so much easier than eating from a big bag which I loved. One cup of the popcorn has only 25 calories which is quite low. Skinnygirl popcorn has about 20% less calories than other brands of popcorn making it a great low-calorie snack.

bag of Skinnygirl Popcorn
What I really like about this popcorn is that it can easily be eaten on the go. If I was on the run somewhere, I could easily throw this in the microwave for about 1 1/2 minutes and have a tasty snack ready to go. I would pair it with a stick of string cheese, pistachios, a piece of fruit and some veggie sticks for a healthy meal on-the-go.

Skinnygirl Popcorn Box

Is Skinny Girl Popcorn Good for You

As a dietitian, I enjoy eating healthy foods most of the time but of course, like to splurge as well. I believe that life is all about balance. With Skinnygirl popcorn, I can have a treat that is also healthy which is awesome. It contains no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup.

I love the lime and salt flavor. I popped a bag of this for my husband and I and we both really enjoyed it. The lime flavor is not too strong but definitely prominent enough. It is great on its own or with chili powder added for a chili-lime popcorn. We were not that hungry and could split one bag between the two of us. I was glad that my husband enjoyed it also since it was a healthier snack choice. Maybe he can replace some of his late-night chip sessions with some of this lighter popcorn?

Skinnygirl Popcorn

Skinny Girl Popcorn

The butter and sea salt flavor was also great. I think of butter popcorn as a blank canvas that you can add all sorts of flavors too. The possibilities are endless- parmesan and garlic, cinnamon apple, caramel, etc. This popcorn is very good in a trail mix as well as popcorn is a low-calorie option to add to trail mix. Skinnygirl popcorn can be found at Walmart with the rest of the popcorn.

My sister comes over a lot to hang out, watch movies, etc. and this would be a great snack for a ladies night since it is low in calories and flavorful. This way, you can indulge in snacks without the guilt. It would be great with a low-calorie beverage such as iced tea or a Skinnygirl cocktail.

Skinny Girl Popcorn Calories

One cup of Skinnygirl popcorn has 25 calories. If you enjoy the whole bag of popcorn, that is 160 calories.

Is Skinnygirl popcorn healthy?

For a snack, Skinnygirl popcorn is a great choice. With whole grains and less fat than other salty snacks, I think it is a great addition to your snack lineup.

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  1. Heck yeah - Skinnygirl popcorn and a Skinnygirl margarita? Color me healthy AND satisfied! #client

  2. It is not always the calories that people should focus on. Skinny girl popcorn seems a bit high in sodium which makes me bloated. Skinny pop is a healthier alternative that is also gluten free but also cholesterol free, peanut free, dairy free and transfat free. Also, significantly lower in sodium.


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