October 07, 2014

1:Face Watch Review

1:Face Watch
I was recently sent a product that stands for a great cause: the 1:Face Watch. This watch company is partnered with eight of the largest charities and helps to donate money to them: American Cancer Society, One days Wages, Gram Vikas, The Adventure Project, The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Keep a Child Alive, Pencils of Promise, The American Red Cross and the ASPCA. 

So far, this company has already helped 3057 people. Each color of watch that they sell stands for a different charity. The black watch that I chose for my husband Troy helps to donate money for cancer. The pink watch is for breast cancer. The orange watch is for animals and gives to the ASPCA.
1:Face Watch
As the holidays are approaching, this would be an amazing gift to give someone. Not only is the watch neat looking and a nice present to give but the gift receiver would love to have a gift that helps others out. This way, they are receiving a present and helping others.

1:Face AIDS Watch
The black cancer watch that I received provides support to 8 cancer patients. One hunger watch provides food for 10 people. The purchase of 5 education watches gives education to someone for 1 year.

1:Face Watch
Each watch is touchscreen. The watch has no buttons and shows the time only when you touch the face of the watch. This is very different than other watches but pretty unique. It is made with the iPhone allow metal frame with a polycarbonate silicon band. It is 5ATM waterproof.

My husband really likes this watch so far! He likes the simple look of it and has been wearing it to work as a teacher. The students have been complimenting it as well. We both love that this watch stands for different great charities and helps people and animals in need.

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