October 08, 2014

Garden of Flavor Juice Review

Garden of Flavor Juice
My tastebuds have recently taken a huge turn to liking green juices which I am so happy about. Until the last couple of months, I thought that juices made with primarily green vegetables were too healthy tasting but really started enjoying them which I am so happy about since they are packed with nutrients.

I was recently sent some juices to try from Garden of Flavor. These are raw and organic juices. I was sent 4 kinds to try: mean green, green harmony, turmeric tonic and goji pineapple. The company kindly sent me a bunch of juices to try. I knew that I could not finish them all by their expiration date so I called my healthy friend Jessica to help me out. I sent her home with a bag of these juices to try. She really enjoyed the green harmony flavor.

The juices are cold pressed and contain probiotics. I received these in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and have to be honest, they helped a lot with my digestion!

My husband is not a green juice or smoothie drinker but enjoyed the goji pineapple juice which was fresh and full of antioxidants.
Organic Cucumber Organic Apple Organic Lettuce Organic Kale Organic Celery Organic Lemon Organic Spinach Organic Parsley 
I enjoyed both the mean green and green harmony the best. The only difference between the two is that the green harmony has apples and parsley added to it. Both beverages contain celery, cucumber, kale, spinach, romaine and lemon.

What really surprised me was that each 16 oz beverage has 4 grams of fiber. Usually, juice has no fiber so this was great to see. Both do taste very "green" but it is a flavor that I have come to love. If you do not like the green flavor as much, you will prefer the green harmony which is a lot sweeter with the addition of the apples. Something insane- each bottle has about 5 lbs of juice from green vegetables! Wow!
Garden of Flavor Juice
These are very low in calories with about 80-100 per bottle. I love these juices and have enjoyed trying them. I know that they are sold at different health food stores. I do not recommend juice cleanses but think that juices can be added as a very healthy part of your diet.

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