October 13, 2014

Saving Time on Chores

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Suavitel Fast Dry fabric conditioner is a neat product that wicks water away from fabric and helps to dry your clothes 30% faster. It is a fabric softener that goes right in your washing machine. I love this because I hate waiting for the laundry to finish just so I can fold some and then throw more in. With a brand new baby at home, time is so precious. It is amazing what I cannot get done in a day compared to what I used to be able to do. Anything that helps to reduce the time of doing chores so I can spend more time with my baby is ideal for me.

Also, with having a baby, I am doing more laundry than I ever thought I would. Of course there are the clothes that she wears but also burp cloths, blankets, changing pads, sheets, etc. Also, she often spits up on me, etc. so I have to change and wash my clothes a lot more often. Therefore, we are doing laundry a lot more than we used to. Having this Suavitel Fast Dry fabric conditioner is great to help save time. 

Each day, I make a small to-do list of things that I want to get done through the day. Laundry of course is often on this list. Being able to get it done faster, I am able to do more of the things that I want to do. When I get my chores done (or often before), I love taking my daughter on a daily walk. As I wrote about when I was pregnant, I loved going on a walk each day. Between the dirty diapers and feedings, it is often necessary to get out of the house even for just a bit and a walk is a great option.

Also, this gives me more time to snuggle with my baby and take millions of pictures of her. I am obsessed! Everyone says to enjoy this newborn phase and I am making sure to do so.

Finally, by saving time on laundry, I have been able to get some meal prep done which is so helpful for cooking during the week. This past weekend, I prepared two veggie egg bakes (like a quiche without the crust), roasted beet chips, baked apples, sliced raw veggies and baked sweet potatoes. I felt like Supermom for a little bit! 
One 135 oz bottle of the Suavitel Fast Dry fabric conditioner lasts 82 small loads. It comes in Fabulous Field Flowers or Magical Morning Sun scents. I picked mine up at Walmart which was easy to find with the other laundry products. It is made for high efficiency washers. I have enjoyed trying this Suavitel product and found that it has been useful in saving time.

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  1. Your baby girl is adorable!! I would totally want to spend more time with her too. :) #client


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