November 06, 2014

New Mom Breakfast Options

As a new mom, breakfast is usually whatever is quickest. Usually Greek yogurt, PB toast or oatmeal. I was sent some different breakfast options that have made breakfast delicious.

Umpqua Oats1. Umpqua Oats- I love oatmeal so much! I love these mixes because you just have to add water and cook and you have a delicious blend of flavors. The thing that I do not like is that all of them have added sugar except the Not Guilty flavor. I would prefer to have no added sweeteners and then add any if I needed it. 

The Not Guilty was very tasty with apples, blueberries and chia seeds. My husband loved the Salted Caramel Meltdown which tasted more like a dessert than a healthy breakfast. He does not like to eat oatmeal all that often so I was happy that he enjoyed this. I also really like the RU Nuts oatmeals with walnuts, almonds and sunflower seeds. I added a bit of chia seeds to mine and a spoonful of sunflower seed butter. 

These are so perfect for me on the go with a tiny baby. I also appreciate the lid that I put on after I cook and go back into bed to tend to the little one. They also use whole rolled oats which I enjoy this less processed version of oats and the chewy texture.

Kolat Superfood Fusions
2. Kolat Superfood Fusions- Wow, do I have an amazing product to share with you today! These nut butter are absolutely delicious and come in awesome flavors. They include dark chocolate coconut, espresso hazelnut, cherry vanilla almond and blueberry cinnamon walnut. I opened the jar of cherry vanilla almond and ate the whole jar in 2 weeks! It contains little chunks of dried cherries and the almonds are delicious. I enjoyed this in oatmeal (see above), on toast, on sweet potatoes, bananas and apples. I also enjoyed slathered on a piece of dark chocolate.

As you can see, I love nut butter on many different things! My other favorite flavor was the blueberry cinnamon walnut. All of these were delicious and I would highly recommend them. They are made with high quality ingredients so you can feel good about eating them.

Mohawk Valley Trading Co. Honey and Maple Syrup
3. Mohawk Valley Trading Co. Maple Syrup and Raw Honey- I was sent some delicious products made with honey, goat milk, maple syrup and more to review. These items would make awesome gifts and I enjoyed trying them.

I tried out the raw honey in my recent Coconut Cream Cheese Muffins recipe and really enjoyed it. They were sweet but not too sweet. This honey is also delicious on a warm biscuit. My husband Troy has been enjoying the maple syrup which seems to be a very high quality. He likes this on waffles and in his oatmeal.

handmade soap
I was also sent a few more products from this company including some of their handmade bar soaps. These are made with tea tree oil, olive oil and goat's milk. They all smell great. The olive oil soap is moisturizing and leaves a nice light scent on your skin.

100% pure beeswax candles
I love these 100% pure beeswax candles which smell just like honey! These are meaningful to me because I lit one for one of my husband and I's first dinners together after bringing home the baby. Everything was crazy at this time with tons of feedings, crying, diaper changes, lack of sleep, etc. and having this candle lit gave our meal a bit of calmness and romance. The candles smell great and since they are yellow, bring a warm feel to the room. I will enjoy using these this winter!

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  1. It is definitely tougher to get meals in when you are a new mom! Quick oats are an awesome choice :)


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