December 09, 2014

5 Healthy Tips for this Holiday Season

The holidays are my favorite time of year. There is so many fun celebrations going on and I love the time spent with the people that I care about. It is easy to go overboard with eating with cookies all over, candy, parties, etc. I believe in never depriving yourself and enjoying the holiday food- just don't keep eating this heavy food all month long. These tips will help you stay on track.

1. Get your produce in- We are past the peak harvest seasons and fresh fruits and vegetables are not quite as plentiful as they were a couple of months ago. Make sure that you are still getting your recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables most days of the week. It will keep you feeling your best and makes great meals and snacks.

2. Sneak in some fitness- I love to exercise on the holidays early in the morning. On Thanksgiving, I walked a couple miles on the treadmill and for Christmas last year, my brother and I went for a run. Honestly, the number one reason that I exercise is because it makes me feel good. If I skip exercise, I feel yucky and like I need to move my body a bit.

3. Don't starve yourself! Skipping meals is going to get you nowhere. You need to keep your metabolism going by eating regularly and not skipping meals. If you don't eat all day until a holiday party, once you get to the party, you are so much more likely to overeat than if you just stuck to a healthy meal.

4. Start the day right- Eating a healthy, nutritious breakfast each day helps you start your day out right. Favorites of mine are ones that contain protein and fiber. My go-to breakfasts almost daily are either oatmeal with nut butter, Greek yogurt or eggs. 

 5. Stay hydrated- One of the easiest ways to overeat is to mistake hunger for thirst. If you recently ate and still feel hungry, try drinking something before you eat a snack or meal. This way, you can see if you are really hungry or just wanting to eat. This is something that I make a mistake with often and end up overeating when I was not even hungry to begin with.

I was recently able to try Phenoh 7.4 which is a sports drink. I have been enjoying this in a smoothie. The aim of this drink is to balance pH because the body is acidic. It is made with aloe vera and agave. It has a light flavor. You could drink this on it's own as well and I would recommend drinking it cold. One cup is only 30 calories. This would be good for after a workout when you need to refuel and re-hydrate

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Phenon 7.4. All opinions are my own as always!

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