December 27, 2014

BistroMD Review #bistroMDdiet

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by BistroMD. All opinions are my own. 

I was recently sent some meals to try from BistroMD to try and review. Of course, I never would specifically recommend a certain weight loss service or diet but I think that any meal can be possibly be part of a healthy diet. I received a 3 day menu including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack to try out.

The food came frozen very nicely and was nicely labeled. Breakfasts included odyssey chicken crepes with waldorf apples, english muffin sandwich with egg, turkey sausage and cheddar and stuffed french toast with turkey sausage. I really enjoyed the stuffed french toast the most because it was tasty and filling.

BistroMD is the only physician-designed, chef-prepared diet delivery system in the US. The ingredient are fresh and include rBGH-free beef, hormone free chicken and environmentally responsible seafood. The company offers a gluten-free program as well which is pretty awesome for those who are on a gluten-free diet. They also have men specific programs and a women's program.

Troy really enjoyed the beef marsala with linguini which he called "delicious" for lunch one day and also liked the turkey and beef chipotle chili. The meals are pretty low in calories so if you are someone with a big appetite, you may need more food. For example, the chicken marsala meal only has 260 calories.

I would not specifically stick to this meal plan but really enjoyed incorporating these meals into our daily lives when we were too busy to make a homemade meal. The menu is created by dietitians which is wonderful as many food plans are created by people without the proper credentials. The food contains no MSG, trans fat or aspartame. 

Each meal plan has 1100-1400 calories with 40-50% from protein, 20-25% from fat and 30-35% from carbohydrates. This is pretty protein heavy and lower in carbohydrates. This can be beneficial for keeping you full while losing weight. This plan has too few calories for me personally but I do not think that it is too low for someone trying to lose weight (depending on their activity level, age, etc.). The meals incorporate vegetables and whole grains which I like. 

My personal favorite was the mini blueberry cheesecake which tasted delicious but was also very healthy for you. 

I enjoyed trying BistroMD after hearing a lot about it. The food was tasty and pretty healthy for you. If someone needs some quick meals in their life, I would recommend this. Check out the BistroMD menu for more information. Also, check out the success stories from BistroMD.

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