December 10, 2014

Kodiak Cakes New Products Review

Kodiak Cakes is my very favorite pancake and waffle mix. Usually, my husband is not too brand specific but he loves these so much. Troy does not cook too often but on Saturday or Sunday mornings, many times he will make us waffles using Kodiak Cakes mix. He loves it because it is simple and you just have to add water. I love it because it is tasty and packed with nutrition.

Kodiak Cakes recently came out with some new and awesome products that I could not wait to try. They now have oatmeal, minute muffins and granola. Besides waffles on the weekend, my go-to breakfast is oatmeal or Greek yogurt during the week. I was excited to try this oatmeal to see if  I would like it to be in my regular breakfast rotation.

They come in three flavors: peach vanilla almond, wild blueberry and spice green apple. I loved the peach vanilla almond flavor especially! One serving has 270-280 calories and is packed full of fiber and protein (10 grams!). They are made with real ingredients and are delicious. I would buy them again.

These Minute Muffins are a unique product that are very tasty. I am no baker so being able to have a tasty muffin in 1 minute by microwaving it is awesome. I enjoyed the mountain blueberry flavor most. These taste cake-like but are actually quite good for you with whole grains.

Finally, the last new product that I tried was the Granola Unleashed. This can be eaten hot or cold. One cup is 250 calories which is not bad considering that many times, granola is very high in calories. This makes a great breakfast. I would eat this plain, with milk or on top of some Greek yogurt.

Funny enough, the morning that I received this package, we were already eating Kodiak Cakes protein waffles! Troy made us waffles using my dad's homegrown Granny Smith apples which was delicious. On top, he sprinkled cinnamon and topped with some additional cooked apples. It was so good! I would not have thought to use sour apples for this but it gave an excellent flavor.

One serving has 14 grams of fiber but I figured that with how much we use for a large waffle, we are getting 28 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber for breakfast. No wonder I am always full for a long time after eating these!

I am a fan of every single product that Kodiak Cakes makes. They are delicious and full of whole-grains which is very important to me. I like that I can find them at my local grocery store as well.

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