December 03, 2014

Sour Cherry Fizz

On my birthday, we had my family over for an appetizer party to celebrate. I did not have to do any of the cooking thanks to Troy, my mom and sister but I decided to make a fun drink for the occasion. I had just received a case of Caffeinated Club which is a line of club soda that contains caffeine.

Like regular club soda, it has no calories or sugar. One 12 oz bottle contains 34 milligrams of caffeine which is just slightly less than something like a cola. It is not too packed with caffeine but gives a little burst if you need it.

I like the flavors that they come in: orange grapefruit, clear, lemon and raspberry. Even though you mostly don't drink club soda plain, I decided to try it and actually really enjoyed it. It is just slightly flavored and I enjoyed the carbonation.

My brother likes club soda a lot in mixed beverages and I think he would like this one a lot. I could see myself drinking this mixed with a bit of fruit juice for a fun, light beverage. I try to stick to low calorie beverages because I do not believe in drinking my calories (not a lot of nutrition, doesn't keep you full, etc.) and this is a way to have a tasty beverage for a little calories.

For my recipe, I decided to try the orange grapefruit which provided a good flavor to my drink. My whole family enjoyed it as well. FYI, if you order online, shipping is free anywhere in the continental US!

This drink would be good for soda drinkers who want to cut calories, sugar and have less junky ingredients in their beverage without sacrificing the carbonation. Also, if you want to skip some of the coffee and want some caffeine, this may be a good option. Caffeinated Club uses triple filtered water for a crisper drink with a cleaner aftertaste.

Sour Cherry Fizz

3 cups sour cherry juice
3 12-ounce containers of orange grapefruit Caffeinated Club
1/2 cup tequila (or can use other liquor)

Directions: Mix ingredients together and serve. This drink would be best served immediately so that the carbonation does not go away.

Normally, I am not too big of a fan of mixed drinks but I loved this one. With the sour cherry flavor, a bit of grapefruit and the carbonation, I would definitely make this again.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored. As always, all opinions are my own.

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