January 20, 2015

New Foods of 2015 Review

Seven Spoons International Meals
1. Seven Spoons- Seven Spoons makes globally inspired dishes from Morocco, India, Thailand and Peru. They come frozen and are ready in just 15 minutes. These came to me at the perfect time. I did not know what to make for dinner one night and decided to try out the vegetable Thai green curry. We loved it!

Seven Spoons International Meals
The rice comes separately which you just have to microwave and the vegetables, tofu and frozen cubes of sauce all go into a pan to simmer. A hot and fresh dinner is served in 15 minutes. It was flavorful and something that I would not typically make because I do not have these spices on hand.

Thai Green Curry
Ethnic food in 15 minutes is awesome. The only change that I would make is adding your own extra vegetables. I threw in there a zucchini and a yellow bell pepper for some extra nutrition which Troy and I enjoyed. I really enjoyed trying these! They are available at Target and Whole Foods.

Enlightened Roasted Broad Bean Crisps
2. Enlightened Crisps- I am a big fan of Enlightened ice cream bars and was excited when the company reached out to me to try their new crisps. These are actually roasted broad beans (AKA fava beans). I love homemade roasted chickpeas but was never a huge fan of the boughten ones. I thought that these may be like those but they were not!

These are very crisp and have a better texture than pre-made roasted chickpeas. I loved the BBQ flavor and had my mom, sister and husband all try them. My mom and sister liked them a lot and my husband kind of liked them. A serving which is 100 calories contains 7 grams of protein! These are a great snack if you want something salty but are looking for it to be a bit healthier.

Tosi SuperBites
3. Tosi SuperBites- I was recently contacted to try these Tosi SuperBites which come in almond and cashew flavors. I was very impressed with these! The nuts are toasted in them which adds a ton of flavor compared to raw nuts. They are packed with nutritious ingredients including almonds, flaxseed, sesame seeds and chia seeds. Other ingredients include sugar and salt. I like that these do not contain any funky ingredients.

Tosi SuperBites
The only "issue" that I have with these is that a serving is 1/2 a package which I had a hard time sticking to because they were so tasty! A serving is 120 calories so if you did finish the whole package, it would be 240 calories which is not too bad considering. One serving contains 4 grams of fiber, only 2 grams sugar and 5 grams of protein. These make a delicious treat and I would definitely recommend trying these.

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