February 03, 2015

New Foods of 2015 Part 4 Giveaway

Oatmega Bars
1. Oatmega Bars- I was sent some Oatmega bars which have 14 grams of protein and are rich in omega-3s. I am a big believer in getting enough omega-3 fatty acids each day but they are not in all that many foods. If you do not like seafood, this bar may be a good option for you. When I checked out the nutrition label, I was surprised to actually see fish oil in the bar. The good thing is that you cannot taste it at all. These bars are very filling, are gluten-free, rich in fiber and do not have much sugar.

I liked the chocolate peanut crisp flavor the most. Each bar has 190 calories which is what I aim for a bar to be around. They are made with whey protein and have added chicory root fiber which I prefer natural sources of fiber but would still eat these bars.

Good Spread Peanut Butter
2. Good Spread Peanut Butter- If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you may remember me talking about my love for nut butters. This peanut butter is delicious and addictive! It is really neat because along with the jar of nut butter, they are also sold in individual sized packages which makes it great for taking on the go. This nut butter is sweet with the addition of honey and a great addition to many foods. So far, I have had it in oatmeal, on toast, a banana, celery and on its own. Yum!

Good Spread also helps children! When you purchase their peanut butter, a malnourished child will receive an equivalent amount of food.

Al Dente Pasta and Sauce
3. Al Dente Pasta and Sauce- One of Troy and I's go-to meals is pasta. We love to amp it up with a bunch of vegetables, add meat, or just eat it with some simple marinara sauce. We were sent these BonaChia pastas from Al Dente to try. These pastas are made with chia seed flour. I LOVE chia seeds so I was excited to try this pasta.

It cooks in only 3 minutes! That is a definite bonus for days when you are short on time. This pasta has 7-8 grams protein and 4 grams of fiber- great stats! The pasta is very tasty and I love the boost of omega-3s. The marvelous marinara sauce is very fresh tasting which is exactly what I like in a pasta sauce.

The giveaway will be for a sampling of Oatmega bars and a package of Al Dente pasta and marinara sauce to one lucky reader.
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