February 20, 2015

Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Getting sick is so tough! When you or your family is sick, everyone struggles. According to the CDC, this is one of the worst flu seasons in awhile. I have been sick once with a nasty cold this cold and flu season. Taking care of yourself and following these guidelines can help you stay healthy. 

Here are some of my tips for staying healthy and avoiding sickness:

-Eat right- I believe that eating right is such a vital part of staying healthy during cold and flu season. Include tons of fresh produce, especially foods high in vitamin C which can help with cold prevention. Also, drink lots of fluids, eat whole grains and healthy proteins.

-Get your flu shot- According to the CDC, getting your flu shot is the single best way to help prevent getting the flu. Troy and I both got our flu shots in about November of this past year.

-Wash your hands- Washing your hands is super important in preventing the spread of sickness. Wash your hands often and thoroughly.

-Exercise- Staying active and taking care of yourself can help you to stay your healthiest. If it is too cold to get outside, walk on a treadmill or do a workout video. 

-Avoid being near people who are sick- I'm sure that you have all experienced when someone who has a cold sneezes or coughs right by you and then you find yourself with the same symptoms a few days later. If you know that someone is ill, try to keep your distance from them to avoid getting sick yourself.

Puffs Plus Lotion

If you do happen to get sick (I'm sorry!), there is always Puffs Plus Lotion tissues which contain lotion to keep your skin moisturized. I personally always deal with having a very red spot under my nose when I have a cold from blowing my nose too much and having a runny nose. I have learned over the years that using tissues with lotion in them help me a lot with this issue.

Puffs Plus Lotion
I live in the Metro Detroit area which is on high alert for many cases of the flu and colds this year. I have a bit of a runny nose right now and these Puff tissues are very helpful!

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  1. I personally don't believe in flu shots and will never get one myself but I respect the decision of people who do! Other than that you've put together a great list of tips on how to keep those nasty colds and flues away. I need to be a little better with some of them like exercising >.<


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