May 07, 2015

Food's I've Tried Lately Part 1 Giveaway

Send Me Gluten Free
1.Send Me Gluten Free- Send Me Gluten Free is a monthly subscription service that sends you gluten-free snacks. Some of my favorites from this box are the Alter Eco noir chocolate and the Sunbutter. I also am a fan of Skinny Pop popcorn which I like to keep in my desk at work for a quick snack.

Send Me Gluten Free
A 1 month supply is $24.85 shipped. It is cheaper per month if you buy more months at a time. Each box will contain 8-10 gluten-free products. If you require a gluten-free diet, this is a fun way to try out different products.

Send Me Gluten Free
If you use the code BLOG20, you can get 20% off your order!

Realfood Organics Vitamins
2. Realfood Organics Vitamins- I was sent these Realfood Organics vitamins from Country Life which are organic, gluten-free, non-GMO vitamins to try. I chose a men's daily vitamin because my husband's diet can be lacking at times and this is a good way to ensure that he meets his needs. I still take a prenatal right now at the recommendation of my OB because I am breastfeeding. These vitamins are made from real foods which I love. Because of this, they are more gentle on my stomach than other vitamins.

Each day, I take a multivitamin and fenugreek supplements. At times, I will add a probiotic or omega-3 if I think that I need it. These are made from 40 USDA organic fruits, vegetables, beans, sprouts and grains.

Free For All Gluten-Free Brownie Thins
3. Free For All Gluten-Free Brownie Thins- These brownie thins taste like chocolate crackers and are way too good! They are made with cassava flour. They have no gluten, corn, soy or rice. This is great because they are free from a lot of high-allergy foods. They are tasty and make a fun dessert. They are also good topped with peanut butter. 

The giveaway will be for a one month box of Send Me Gluten Free products and a couple bags of Free For All brownie thins to one reader.
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