May 17, 2015

Foods I've Tried Lately Part 3

Sambazon 100 Juice
1. Sambazon 100 Juice- I usually stick with water, tea and coffee but sometimes, I like to try different beverages. I was sent these Sambazon 100 drinks in strawberry + lemon + acai berry, pineapple + coconut + acai berry and acai berry. They only have 100 calories They are organic and made with non-GMO ingredients. I love the strawberry + lemon + acai berry flavor the most. I add ice to mine plus a little water to cut the sweetness. Overall, I think that these make a fun treat. Acai berries are also rich in antioxidants.

 Fusion Jerky
2. Fusion Jerky- Troy is the official tester of any jerky we receive. This jerky from Fusion Jerky comes in some unique and fun flavors such as basil citrus and chipotle lime. I like that they each are made with a different meat including pork, chicken, beef and turkey. Although jerky is a good source of protein, it is also high in salt so limit portion sized.

Troy really enjoyed these flavors, especially the chipotle lime. It is tender and easier to chew than most jerky.

Way Better Sprouted Barley Crackers
3. Way Better Sprouted Barley Crackers- These crackers from Way Better are amazing! I love their tortilla chips and pita chips which are both healthier versions of regular chips. These contain sprouted barley and flax and/or mustard seed. 

The flavor that I was especially addicted to is the mustard and cheddar. I tried these first since they were such a unique sounding flavor to me. I had my parents sample these as well. My dad did not think that they were crunchy enough but my mom and I really liked them. We could have sworn that they had sesame seeds in them because the flavor is very nutty and delicious. This first bag was gone in 2 days! When you want some crackers, these are a tasty option.

Way Better Tortilla Chips
4. Way Better Tortilla Chips- We were also sent a couple bags of the newest Way Better tortilla chips in sriacha and mustard and onion flavor which are both unique and tasty. They include flax, quinoa and mustard seed or kale. Sure, chips are not the #1 healthiest food but let's be honest, we all like to snack every now and again and these are a Way Better option (like that play on words??).

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