Friday, May 29, 2015

Mantry Review- Perfect for Father's Day

Mantry Crate- foodie monthly subscription for men
There are many different subscription services out there for food and many of them are aimed at women. I recently found Mantry (the modern man's pantry) online which is aimed towards men which I loved- men deserve to try neat products too! 

Mantry Crate- foodie monthly subscription for men

Mantry sent me one of their boxes for my husband to try out. Mantry comes monthly and is shipped in one of these awesome wooden crates- such a neat idea. It comes with 6 different full-sized American, artisan products to try. I love that they are all made in America and are from smaller companies because most of the time, you will be getting products that you have not tried before and it is wonderful to support our local, small businesses. 

Mantry Crate- foodie monthly subscription for men
A one month supply is $85 shipped. Three months is $225. Troy loved opening this and we were happy with the products inside. They were items that almost seemed hand-picked for Troy.

Mantry Crate- foodie monthly subscription for men
He loves pistachios and was super excited for these chili lime flavored ones. The Mexican style chocolate was very good too. Troy wasn't a fan but I was and so was my dad. I loved the kick of spice in the chocolate. Like many men, Troy loves to grill and we look forward to trying out this meat rub this summer. The chorizo was a favorite as it is something that Troy loves but we don't buy very often. It also came with a grapefruit drink mix and verde sauce.

If you are looking for something for a father in your life, I would recommend checking out Mantry. It is a fun and unique option for the man in your life.

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