May 23, 2015

New Foods Part 2 Review

1. Evolution Fresh Juices- I have reviewed Evolution Fresh juices in the past but had never had these flavors before. I picked them up at my local Whole Foods. The flavors that I tried were ginger limeade and strawberry lemonade- both were awesome! They are cold-pressed and USDA organic. The ginger limeade had a spicy ginger bite which I have been loving lately. The strawberry lemonade was sweet and satisfying on a hot day. You can also find Evolution Fresh juices at Starbucks. This brand also makes nut and seed bars which are really good and make a great mid-morning snack.

Troy really liked both of these. Funny story, he was out running and I texted him about what time he would be home because he was gone a lot longer than I thought he would be. He text me back that he was a block and a half away and "needed a juice". This seemed out of character for him so I was worried. I ran to the fridge, got the Evolution Fresh ginger limeade and a glass of water and ran outside. I thought he may have been dizzy or had gotten low blood sugar. He arrived a second later and told me that his text meant to say "ran out of juice" meaning he got tired and had to run super slow lol!! Anyways, he drank the juice regardless and loved it saying it was just what he needed. The limeade was so fresh and so perfect for a hot summer day.

Evolution Fresh got really creative and sent me this awesome kit with a peeler, mixing bowls, popsicle molds and lemon squeezer. I love them! I love having bright kitchen equipment and these are super fun. Also, my kitchen is pretty much this color green so it matches. They also kindly sent me a cute Evolution Fresh hoodie that I have been wearing non-stop. When I get something comfy that I love, watch out! I will wear it everyday.

Kevita Probiotic Beverages
2. Kevita Probiotic Beverages- I was so, so disappointed that my Whole Foods didn't have any of my favorite Kevita beverage which is the Mojita Lime Mint Coconut flavor : (. It is literally my very favorite beverage aside from water and coffee. It's okay though because it helped me to branch out a little. I tried one of the new tonics with apple cider vinegar in the kale lemon flavor. It was good!

I have had the lemon cayenne before and just love it! I love spicy flavors in pretty much anything and love this low-calorie sparkling beverage that is full of probiotics and is organic. Another awesome one that I tried (which is unpictured because my mom and I split it right at Whole Foods) is the strawberry acai coconut. This flavor was awesome! It is lightly sweet, carbonated and has a light coconut flavor. I love these beverages from Kevita and would definitely purchase them.

Ladera Granola
3. Ladera Granola- I was sent some Ladera Granola to sample which comes in two flavors: original and immortal. The original is almond pecan flavored and the immortal is chocolate almond. Ingredients are kept simple in both flavors including oats, almonds, olive oil, brown sugar, maple syrup, salt, cocoa powder (immortal) and pecans (original). Compared to other brands of granola, it is one of the better brands. The maple syrup flavor is strong which I loved and it is easy to get carried away eating way too much! What I like to do is mix a lower calorie cereal with granola and have that with some kind of milk and banana for breakfast. Ladera Granola is very tasty and I like that the ingredients are kept simple.

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