May 02, 2015

Sweet Treats Review 2

Garden Lites Muffins
1. Garden Lites Muffins- When I want a sweet, dessert-like snack that is not too bad for me, I love Garden Lites muffins. I have had them before and think that every single flavor is delicious. My favorites are probably the blueberry oat and the banana chocolate chip muffins. These are packed full of vegetables and fruits. They have either zucchini, carrots and/or spinach in them. You honestly cannot even tell that they are healthier than your typical muffin and taste amazing.

They are stored in the freezer and are heated in the microwave for just 35 seconds. These would be awesome for kids who need a bit extra fruits/vegetables in their diet. They taste like dessert and I love eating 1-2 in the evenings while watching a show with Troy. An amazing combination to try it the Ninja power muffins or a chocolate muffin heated with peanut butter on it. So good! These are very low in calories with only 60-120 calories each and I love how Garden Lites makes portion control easy. I would definitely recommend these for a healthy, dessert-like snack.

2. Mary's Gone Crackers Cookies- I had tried one variety of the Mary's Gone Crackers cookies in the past and liked the "n'oatmeal" raisin flavor which has no oats. I was recently sent some new flavors including ginger snaps, chocolate chip and double chocolate. These are organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy free and vegan. All of the flavors are good and these cookies are crunchy for those that love crunchy cookies. They are made with an organic gluten-free flour blend that tastes good. My favorite products from Mary's Gone Crackers is definitely their pretzels! My mom and I love those.

WB Kitchen Paleo Cookies
3. WB Kitchen- OMG I have the most perfect snack to share with you. I recently found a company called WB Kitchen that I had not heard about before and need to share with you ASAP. They make healthy cookies using the ingredients that I use to make cookies at home- I love this!

Flavors of cookies include maple pecan, brownie, peanut butter, coconut shortbread and cinnamon raisin. I loved them all but I think that my favorite may have been the cinnamon raisin. These cookies are grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar free.

They are paleo friendly and made with all-real, mostly organic ingredients. For the cinnamon raisin cookies, ingredients include: honey, almond flour, raisins, coconut flour, coconut, walnuts, coconut oil, vanilla, cinnamon and sea salt- that's it!

WB Kitchen Paleo Cookies
I was so excited when I read the ingredient list because these are the ingredients that I use at home and like that I was not getting any funky ingredients. The cookies are soft, chewy and satisfying. I would definitely buy these and recommend them. The brownie ones are good too and have little cacao nibs in them that I loved.

WB Kitchen Honey Nut Bars
They also make honey nut bars which make an excellent mid-morning snack. I very much enjoyed these. They are quite sweet because of the honey and tasty.

All of these sweet treats that I tried are great and I would recommend trying them if you have a sweet tooth!

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