June 05, 2015

5 Devices Your Tefal Kitchen Machine Can Replace

Modern kitchens are designed for efficiency first and foremost, and a countertop cluttered with specialized, single-use devices just screams “outdated.” If your cabinets and pantry are overflowing with extra cookware and machines whose primary purpose is to collect dust, you might want to consider moving to an all-in-one cooker like the Tefal Kitchen Machine.

HarveyNorman has the Tefal Cuisine Companion Kitchen Machine in stock for delivery, so your transition to the kitchen of tomorrow can take place much sooner than you think. Here are 5 devices that you can take down to the replace the day your Kitchen Machine arrives on your doorstep.
Tefal 02


The steaming function of the Tefal Kitchen Machine is ideal for cooking rice, rendering a dedicated rice steamer a thing of the past. The Kitchen Machine also allows home cooks to steam meat and fish to prepare entire meals directly in the vessel.

Slow Cooker

A quality slow cooker like the Tefal Kitchen Machine also has a healthy range of temperature settings ranging into the lower ranges as well as being able to generate heat suitable for quick cooking. This makes the Kitchen Machine a great choice for preparing stews and hearty soups with the robust, well developed flavor that only comes from slow cooking. Families can also prepare large batches of food in a slow cooker and save servings for later, cutting hundreds from their food budgets over time.


Another important feature of the Tefal Kitchen Machine is its ability to replace a traditional full-size oven for baking tasks. Small batches of cookies as well as mini cakes can easily be baked in a premium all-in-one cooking machine, and these devices also produce excellent results on casseroles and baked pasta dishes.

Frying Pan

The Tefal Kitchen Machine also has a setting that allows it to be used as a frying or sautéing medium designed for quick browning of vegetables as well as meat, fish and poultry. Even better, its nonstick surface greatly reduces the amount of fat and oil needed for effective frying, creating healthier meals and a better overall diet.

The Kitchen Wonder Machine


Even the simplest of cooking tools is no exception for the emulative powers of the Tefal Kitchen Machine. Its stainless steel internal containment vessel is outstanding for boiling vegetables, beans, and other foods just as you would in a conventional pot, and the precise temperature control can yield even more consistent cooking.

An all-in-one cooking machine streamlines both your kitchen and your food prep by combining multiple functions into a single, compact device. From the basic to the highly specialized, the Tefal Kitchen Machine is designed to replace practically all of your most commonly used kitchen devices. 

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