June 27, 2015

Healthy Snacks Review

1. Melissa's Produce- I am a huge fan of Melissa's produce. They have awesome lentils, produce, dried cranberries and more. I have enjoyed a lot of products from them. Right now, there is a lot of awesome produce in season. I was sent a variety of produce to try and had a blast trying two new-to-me fruits. I was sent some plums and plumcots which were awesome. Plums are Troy's favorite fruit (he does not eat much fruit) but loves these. Adalyn has also been enjoying a diced plum for meals.

I was also sent these mini sunburst squash- they are so cute! I plan to grill these whole.

We were sent some uncommon fruits called lychees. You just peel off the bumpy layer and eat. I had my family over for a party and we tried these and the finger limes below. Adalyn was a fan! I think that she may have tried more foods than any baby her age haha.

My favorite product that we received was these finger limes. I just sliced them in half the long way and they are full of tiny pearls of lime! They are like "citrus caviar" the package says. My entire family really enjoyed these. Adalyn liked them too. She loves anything sour.

Finally, we tried these dried mulberries which would be good in a trail mix and these clean snax. I loved the coconut clean snacks with chia and flaxseeds. These would be great to eat on the go. They are sweet but not too sweet and perfectly crunchy.

Tiny but Mighty Popcorn
2. Tiny but Mighty Popcorn- For a snack, we love popcorn! There are three kinds: unpopped heirloom kernals, ready to eat and a microwave line. The products are all heirloom which is really neat, vegan, gluten-free. My favorite was the microwave kettle corn. I love kettle corn and this one just tasted so fresh!

Steve's Paleo Goods
3. Steve's Paleo Goods- Troy is a huge fan of jerky and meat sticks. We received this package right before going on our weekend trip to Saugatuck making perfect travel snacks for Troy. He loved the Paleo Jerky which is beef jerky and the Paleostik. He thought that they were not too dry and were flavorful.

I am not a fan of jerky so I didn't try it but did enjoy the Paleokrunch which is the company's grainless granola. It is a mixture of raw seeds, coconut and honey. I ate it plain but it would be good with your choice of milk as well. For anyone or specifically those who follow a paleo lifestyle, these are tasty products.

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