June 18, 2015

Vivino Wine App for Father's Day

Father's Day
Our alcohol drink of choice is definitely wine. Nine times out of ten, that is what we drink when we want to relax. As Father's Day is coming up, Vivino made a fun quiz to determine the perfect wine types of gift to get the dad in your life. If you need a little help to know what to get, this is perfect for you!
I already have everything bought for my dad and husband for Father's Day but this would be great to consider for another time. My dad makes his own wine and made an awesome wine room in his basement. For his birthday, I got him a crystal wine clock that was really neat. My husband and dad both prefer red wine but will drink white wine too. 
The Vivino wine app is free and easy to use. It is helpful because it can help you choose a wine to get for loved ones. It also tells you where you can buy the wine in your area. I have one particular brand and kind of wine that is my favorite but it is harder to find. This app would help me to find what I am looking for. 
There are also reviews and ratings on wines. To be honest, when we shop for wine, we shop for inexpensive wines. I think that this app would be fun to use to search some of these inexpensive wines to see if they are well-rated and what other people say about them. It will also let you know the price of the wine to you know if it is within your price range or not.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions and text are my own.

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