June 03, 2015

What A Dietitian's Husband Eats

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Ah, the most asked question Troy probably receives. What do you eat? Does your wife make you eat only kale salads everyday? She must not "let" you eat any "junk" food., etc., etc. My husband is constantly asked different questions about what he eats since his wife is a dietitian. I am here to let you know the truth!
Troy does not eat completely healthy but guess what, neither do I! Sure, we love our vegetables, whole grains, oatmeal, etc. We also love pizza, wine, dessert, French fries and more. I believe that every kind of food can fit into a healthy lifestyle. 

For dinner, Troy eats whatever I make which is often times, something healthy. Here are some example dinners as of lately:
-Tacos with shredded venison and a big salad on the side
-Grilled buffalo chicken with grilled vegetable packets
-Eggplant parmesan boats (recipe coming soon!)
-Zoodles (zucchini noodles) with venison meatballs and a side of whole-wheat garlic bread
Wild, farm picked asparagus

Troy loves vegetables and feels so much better when he eats healthy. When we go out to eat and he orders something too heavy, he pays for it all night with a bad stomachache. We eat quite a low-sodium diet and Troy feels a lot better when we eat this way compared to when we go overboard eating salty food.
For breakfast, Troy usually has a bagel with cream cheese (12 grain) or waffles (frozen) with syrup. On the weekends, we have a more time consuming meal such as homemade whole-wheat waffles or omelets.
For lunch, here is when Troy eats a lot different than I do. He has whatever entree I pack him (pasta with peppers and sausage, jambalaya, sandwiches, etc.) and then a bunch of snacks. He LOVES marshmallows, kettle chips, chips and salsa and nuts. Haha he loves his snacks.
So the answer to the often asked questions is yes, Troy does eat more vegetables than your average Joe but he also eats quite a bit of junks foods. I do not tell him what to eat. The only habit that I didn't really like was his Mountain Dew one when we first got married. Now, he rarely drinks pop (yay!).
When I am not home, Troy turns to leftovers or frozen meals usually- it's not too fun just cooking for yourself. He enjoyed this STOUFFER'S® Fit Kitchen Steak Fajita meal. He could eat Mexican food every single day and this is right up his alley. 

Another great one is the STOUFFER'S® Fit Kitchen Cilantro Lime Chicken. Troy is obsessed with cilantro (I do not like cilantro so I don't cook with it) and this is a great opportunity for him to get to eat some. These are quick to make which is good because if he is home and I am not, he is usually the one watching Adalyn and doesn't have a lot of time to get his food together. They can be found in the frozen section at Walmart.

Check out the other options from STOUFFER'S® Fit Kitchen.

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