July 19, 2015

Fun Products Review

Swiftwick Socks
 1. Swiftwick Socks- I have talked about it before but quality socks are so important for exercising. When you have socks that fall down during a run, it is so annoying. These socks from Swiftwick are awesome. They are compression socks and are very comfortable.

Swiftwick Socks
They are moisture wicking and help to keep you blister free. I have been wearing them for the past few weeks this summer and really like them. I love the different bright colors which go well with my bright and obnoxious running shoes.

2. Pharmaca Review- Pharmaca is an online site and retail store that sells all different kinds of products- kind of like a drugstore. I had fun looking through their site. I decided to have my husband choose a few products since he loves quality men's products. We found some of his favorite brands including Thrive and Every Man Jack. He loves the fiber cream for his hair from Every Man Jack. Troy is picky when it comes to his hair products and this one works well. The Thrive energy scrub cleans his face well.

The EO shower gel is one of my personal favorites. A bottle this size lasts forever because you do not need much. I have been using this brand of shower gel for years and the grapefruit and mint flavors compliment each other well.

3. One Potato Two Potato Chips- My husband loves chips. When I buy a bag of kettle chips, they will be gone within two days at the latest. They are Troy's weakness. We loved these chips from One Potato Two Potato.

Troy was a fan of the Hawaiian BBQ and sweet onion while I enjoyed the root vegetable chips the best. They are flavorful, savory and make a good summer treat.

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