August 09, 2015

Fun Products Review Part 3

1. In our living room, we have a nice rug that has never had a rug pad. We never minded it too much because it doesn't move around. Now, with a baby who is crawling and walking, we wanted something nicer to be able to have her move around on.

I was sent this 1/2 inch thick rud pad from It is the eco comfort memory foam rug pad. This rug pad is great quality and we noticed the difference the moment we laid the rug back down on top of the mat.

It feels so much better walking on it for us and for our little one who is learning to walk, I'm sure that it feels a lot better on her little butt when she falls down.

The pad feels better to Ava as well which is the #1 most important thing ; )

You can really notice the difference compared to a cheap rug pad (or no rug pad...). I am very happy with my choice.

2. Ground Breaker Brewing Beer- This was my first time trying gluten-free beer! And it was great! Ground Brewing is a gluten-free brewery and no gluten containing items are allowed through their doors! For those who love beer but require a gluten-free diet, this beer is for you.

I tried two of the varieties: the Ollallie- a blackberry rose hip ale and the IPA No. 5. The Ollallie beer was delicious and full of flavor. It is definitely not your typical light beer flavor. The only thing that I didn't like was the color. It was a reddish color and not typical beer colors- personal preference.

The IPA No. 5 was awesome as well. It is brewed with roasted chestnuts, roasted lentils and Belgian-style candi sugar. My husband and I enjoyed this while watching one of our shows. You cannot even tell that these beers are gluten-free. I would definitely recommend them, especially if you like unique kinds.

3. Detour Smart Coconut Almond Bars- These Detour Smart coconut almond bars are their best flavor yet! It is full of good sized pieces of coconut and is very filling. One bar has only 150 calories, 10 grams of protein and 3 grams of sugar. I like these because most bars have more like 200-230 calories and this one is a little less. I am all about eating quantity and am no more satisfied by a higher calorie bar (unless it is bigger). I have been eating one of these mid-morning lately each day at work.

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