September 09, 2015

Breakfast Banana Split

Breakfast Banana Split- healthy and satisfying!
Growing up, we always had a family breakfast before school. My job was set the table for the family. My mom always made a variety of different breakfast options. Rarely did we ever have cold cereal for breakfast, maybe once a week at the most.

Breakfast Banana Split- healthy and satisfying!
My mom always thought of something different to make: cream of wheat with peanut butter, eggs, toast with banana/peanut butter/honey, bagels, etc. etc. We ate quite a diverse diet in the mornings (as well as other meals).

Breakfast Banana Split- healthy and satisfying!
For those who have children who are headed back to school, this recipe is for you. This is for the days when you have a few extra minutes to prep breakfast. For the days that you want to do something besides cereal or toast.

Breakfast Banana Split- healthy and satisfying!
These healthy breakfast banana splits can even be made the night before. I made mine for the blog, took my photos, tasted it and then put the rest away for breakfast the next day. It was just as good as the afternoon before!

Breakfast Banana Split- healthy and satisfying!

Breakfast Banana Split

Serving size: Entire recipe

Servings: 1, double or triple recipe for more

Approximate prep time: 5-10 minutes

1 banana, sliced in half longways

For the "ice cream"
2 tablespoons plain non-fat Greek yogurt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 tablespoons rolled oats
1 tablespoon skim milk

For the chocolate peanut butter sauce
1 tablespoon drizzly peanut butter
2 teaspoons cocoa powder
2 tablespoons skim milk

2 teaspoons chopped pecans
1 large strawberry, chopped
A tiny bit of chocolate shavings to make the kids happy!

1. Mix together all of the ingredients for the "ice cream" and set aside.
2. Mix together the ingredients for the chocolate peanut butter sauce- should be very runny, add more milk if it is not.
3. Place the split banana on a plate and top with the "ice cream" mixture.
4. Top with strawberries, pecans and chocolate shavings.
5. Finish with a heavy drizzle of the chocolate peanut butter sauce.


Breakfast Banana Split- healthy and satisfying!
I am really excited about this recipe because it was extremely tasty and not hard to make. I think that it looks pretty impressive too. It would also make a great after school snack for your kids.

With the addition of Greek yogurt and milk, this recipe has a boost of protein to help keep you full through the morning along with calcium and vitamin D. The banana, strawberries and walnuts provide fiber, vitamins and minerals. The peanut butter and walnuts give a boost of protein and healthy fats.

I am very excited to be partnering with Milk Means More and the United Dairy Industry of Michigan. They represent all dairy producers in the state of Michigan including all of the different types of dairy that they produce.  As you know from my recipes and reviews, I love my dairy products and so does my family.

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Breakfast Banana Split- all the flavors of your banana split but healthy enough to eat for breakfast!

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