September 28, 2015

How to Backup Your Photos

I don't even have to tell you this because you already know but I take a lot of pictures. Like, I take pictures of my daughter nearly every single day. At this age, they grow so fast and I don't want to miss a second of anything. 

Wedding 2009

On my to-do list the last month or so is to back up all of my photos. My photos from my phone are already backed up but the ones on my computer were not. On my computer, I have all the photos from my wedding, my honeymoon, my pregnancy, every picture of Adalyn the first year of her life and everything in between. AKA, nothing that I would be willing to risk getting lost.

I get my photos developed every 3-6 months or so but I still like to have the digital copy. I was basically freaking out because my computer is in rough shape and I wanted to get my photos backed up before anything happened to it.

I found the perfect service to back up my photos. It is called Amazon Cloud Drive service. This service lets you securely back up and store your content including photos, videos, music, files and movies. Along with the photos, I have some great videos that I would never want to lose. My most precious ones are of Adalyn as a baby and my 87 year old Grandma who makes the most hilarious videos.

Honeymoon- Riviera Maya

I got a 3 month trial of Amazon Cloud Drive and downloaded it to my computer. I uploaded all of my pictures, videos, music and files to it which took quite a while because there were so many but it was so worth it. I can access all of my items via computer or tablet. 

You can use the Amazon Photo app on your phone which will automatically back up your pictures on your phone. You can share your pictures and filed through private links which would be great to share with family.

39 Weeks pregnant

If you are already a member of Amazon Prine, you already have access to this service which gives you unlimited photo storage as part of your membership. You will also get 5 GB of storage for videos, movies, music and files.

You can also do one of two storage plans- the unlimited everything plan for $59.99 per year or the unlimited photos plan for $11.99 per year (which does not have unlimited videos, etc.)

One of the first pictures of Adalyn just minutes after she was born

I am thrilled that my important memories are now backed up so in case something does happen, I do not have to worry about losing them. Amazon Cloud Drive was super easy to use and I will recommend it to those looking for a service like this. Finally, I can check this off my to-do list and stop worrying about losing my important memories.

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