October 28, 2015

Research Your Benefits During Open Enrollment with Aflac

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Do you know what Aflac is? I learned all about it at my last job where many of my co-workers used Aflac. They would talk about it often so I ended up researching it myself. Aflac is a company that gives you insurance for health care. You pay a certain amount of money into it from your paycheck and then if you have a health issue such as a hospital stay, you can get money back to help pay for your medical bills. Since health care is very expensive, this can be a great option.


It is designed to supplement major medical plans and help with unexpected costs for serious illness, injury or loss. They usually provide a good amount of cash that can then be used to help you pay for your rent, gas, groceries, etc. It is supposed to allow you to focus on recovery instead of worrying about finances.

For example, when we had our daughter last year, we had to pay out of pocket after insurance for her bills and mine. If we had Aflac, we probably would have gotten a payout to help with these bills.

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I love reading finance blogs to learn about saving money and one of the blogs that I read, Our Freaking Budget, did really well with an Aflac payout when they had their first and second babies.  I personally have not used Aflac but my former co-workers that use it swear by it. When a nurse at my job's daughter had to stay in the hospital, she was provided money to help pay for the expenses. They have different kinds of insurance policies which cover hospital intensive care, accident, dental, life, vision and cancer policies.

I think that it is very important to look into your different insurance options before making a decision. Since health care can be so expensive, getting adequate coverage is necessary. For the next month, I am still on my dad's health insurance but will then be joining my husband's insurance when I turn 26. I learned that millenials spend on average less than 30 minutes looking into their benefits and 31% spend less than 15 minutes!

During open enrollment for insurance at your employer, you have to consider what is best for you and your family. I always have my dad look over the different insurance options because he is very smart with this kind of thing. Fall is often open enrollment at different employers so look into the health insurance that meets your financial and health care needs. If you do not look into what is best for you, it may lead to extra out of pocket expenses down the road.

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