November 20, 2015

Adalyn 13-14 Month Update

Today is my 26th birthday and what better way to celebrate than posting about my favorite girl?
After Adalyn turned 1, I was not sure if I was going to continue her monthly update posts. I skipped it last month and missed it so much! I love doing these so I think that I will do them every couple of months or so.

Here are some of the fun things going on this month:

Clothing/diaper size: Size 12 months clothes, size 4 shoes, size 3 diapers.

Feedings: Yep, we are still nursing! Adalyn gets one pumped bottle (from frozen milk) while I am at work and she nurses 3 times per day. Adalyn has been getting up at 5-5:30 AM for months now, nursing and then going back to sleep. I finally cannot take it anymore so we are doing some crying-it-out at the recommendation of some local moms. We will see! My problem with it is that she is obviously still tired if she goes right back down after nursing so I think that it is time to drop that feeding until she wakes up for good.

Eating regular food is still going well. Adalyn is hit or miss with vegetables, I think mostly because of the texture. She likes them cooked and will always eat tomatoes. Vegetables like kale or lettuce she doesn't like right now. She eats whole fruits such as apples, pears and peaches.

She feeds herself everything and will not let us feed her more than 1 bite. She loves when we put food on a fork for her and eats anything off of a fork. She can't put food on there herself quite yet.

Sleep: As I said before, Adalyn is getting up at 5-5:30 then going back down till 7 or 7:30. If I could just drop that wakeup at 5, we would be golden. She goes down easy most nights around 7-7:45. Time change messed everything up and we have been struggling ever since. She is also teething pretty often it seems.

The second nap is totally dropped now. She naps around 10-10:30 everyday for 2 1/2-3 1/2 hours. 2 1/2 for Troy and I, 3 1/2 for my mom haha!

-Runs around all day long and never stops!

-Brushes her own hair, brushes her teeth, feeds herself with a fork or spoon.

-Destroys the house in a matter of minutes ; ). It is like a tornado going through the house.

-Words- obsessed with the word "clock". All day long, it's "clock, clock, clock". Adalyn's Grandma Wendy got her a clock toy which she loves. She strokes our faces and says "good girl", to everyone including her dad and male dogs. She says "At" for my sister who is her Aunt.

-Can point to her nose, show on her finger that she is 1 year old, point who her Aunt and Dada are. She knows "mama" but refuses to use it....grrr!!

-Loves to dance! Bounces up and down, spins in circles, dances with her hands in the air.

-Went trick-or-treating for the first time.

-Can follow simple tasks such as give someone an object, put a toy away, put soething in her little purse, give the dog a treat, etc.

-Can climb up on her talking chair and ottomans. She is learning to walk down the stairs.

-Started to enjoy going down the slide on her own. Loves the swings, see-saw and everything at the playground.

-Has at least 10 teeth including 2 molars, I think that more are going to be popping through the surface at anytime.

-Adalyn is very affectionate and comes to give me hugs often, loves to be held, gives kisses, pets the dogs, etc. She is such a joy!

The last couple of months have been awesome! I love being a mom and look forward to seeing Adalyn continue to develop.

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