December 05, 2015

How to Save Money on Your Online Purchases

I love saving money on my purchases. Not much gets me more excited than getting a good deal. I love quality products but never am willing to pay a lot for them. I use coupons, discount codes, shop sales, etc. to save money.

I recently learned about another way to save money which is called Shogasm. It is a new site that helps you to find, share, track, collect and organize products from stores online. Using their algorithm, the best discounts are ranked so that you can find the best deals. They follow price drops and record them weekly.

One thing that bothers me about days like Black Friday is that they often increase the prices on items so that when they drop the prices, it looks like a good deal. With Shogasm, by tracking the prices, you would know what an items usual price is which would help you to know the best deal.

They are currently tracking 72+ million products at 140 or more online stores. I love this! I will be using this when I need to make more online purchases- I currently have myself on a spending restriction. I went a little crazy on Black Friday. Whoops!

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