January 22, 2016

Products I'm Loving in 2016 Part 3

Faro Coffee
1. Faro Coffee- As a coffee lover, I love to try different kinds of k-cups to see what my favorite flavors are. I recently got to try this Faro Coffee from Javafly which is a site that sells all different kinds of k-cups. They even sell my favorite half-caf coffee which is not sold everywhere.
I enjoyed trying the French vanilla and breakfast blend varieties from Faro. They are both milder roasts but were very flavorful in my opinion. I served the breakfast blend to my parents and made myself a cup of the French vanilla another time. I would definitely purchase this coffee again!

 Stonefire Flatbreads
2. Stonefire Flatbreads- Easily my favorite brand of flatbreads for things like pizza is Stonefire. I love their whole grain versions that make making a homemade pizza so, so easy. I recently made my mom lunch and I made pizzas on the small versions of these flatbreads. I topped them with my homemade tomato sauce, garlic, cheese, turkey pepperoni, green olives, banana peppers and gardiniera vegetables. They were delicious. They heat up in no time and are so versatile. I purchase these often at my local grocery store.

Amira Rice
3. Amira Rice- When it comes to making different dishes such as soups, stir-fries and more, I love to use brown rice. I recently tried this Amira rice and enjoyed the natural brown basmati rice in a stir-fry that I made this past weekend with tofu, pea pods, carrots, celery and more. It turned out awesome. Although I usually stick with brown rice (and other whole grains), I look forward to trying the smoked version because that is quite unique!

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