January 27, 2016

Products I'm Loving in 2016 Part 4 + Giveaway

Kilofly Musical Instruments
1. Kilofly Musical Instruments- Adalyn got these amazing musical instruments for Christmas and has been loving them so much. Almost nightly, we watch Baby Genius Nursery Rhymes because Adalyn loves to dance and to listen to music. There are certain moves for different songs and she is starting to learn them.
While she listens to her music, we give her these instruments and she loves to shake them. Especially around Christmastime when she was hearing the bells at church, she loved shaking the bells. These instruments are good quality and not too expensive. We are very happy with them. Thanks Kilofly for helping my baby love music.

2. Quorn Meatless Products- I love veggie burgers and other vegetarian meats. One of our favorite products is the Quorn chicken style nuggets. They taste even better than chicken nuggets. What we love to do is make them chicken parmesan style with homemade tomato sauce and cheese broiled on top. My husband usually eats his as an open faced sandwich and I eat mine as is. Try them!

The meatless sausage patties are also awesome! They are great for a treat to get some protein in in the morning while having a lot less fat than regular sausage. They are good for vegetarians of course but are also great for those who eat meat but are trying to cut down.

The Quorn grounds are good too. In a recipe, you cannot tell that they are meatless. My husband loves them and has a hard time believing me that they are meatless. We like them in pasta sauce, in soup, etc.

Flyjoy Bars

3. Flyjoy Bars- I love trying different kinds of bars and liked these Flyjoy bars. My favorite were the peanut butter and jelly flavor which had real dried cherries in them. I love dried cherries and peanut butter so it was a great combo. My daughter really liked these as well (16 months old) and they made a tasty snack for her. They have chia, quinoa and flax in each bar. They are firm and chewy. They are vegan and gluten-free. I enjoyed trying these!


The giveaway will be for 2 Flyjoy bars in each flavor to one lucky winner!
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