January 10, 2016

Products I'm Loving in 2016

The Vitamin Shoppe products
1. The Vitamin Shoppe- Right before Christmas, I received this adorable package from The Vitamin Shoppe. I had written about The Vitamin Shoppe a couple of months ago on my blog and recently placed an order for a bunch of their nut butters. I love love the D's Naturals nut butter that I was sent and all of the nut butter from this store. I also recently bought a bunch of stocking stuffers for my husband from The Vitamin Shoppe including shower gel, hair wax and beef jerky which he liked all of them.
If you are looking for items such as protein to help you get on track, check out The Vitamin Shoppe.

Frontier Co-Op Spices
2. Frontier Co-Op Spices- I am really excited to share with you some spices that I recently tried from Frontier Co-Op. I have always wanted to try smoked paprika since I heard that it can be a game changer in recipes but could never find it in stores. This smoked paprika from Frontier Co-Op is excellent and provides so much flavor to food. I have used it in a handful of recipes already including homemade spiralized fries and a smoky kale and sausage soup. This is the product that I am most excited about in 2016 so far.

I am also super impressed by the salt-free seasonings such as lemon pepper and garlic and herb. Often times, these seasonings are loaded with salt so I avoid them. Since I love flavor, I am excited to have found some new seasoning blends that are not salty. 

Cabo Chips
3. Cabo Chips- My husband and I love quality tortilla chips, especially ones that have seeds and grains in them. We found a new to us tortilla chip that we love called Cabo Chips. They have three kinds that I tried: mango chili lime, original and ancient grains. We love to have chips and salsa together often after work (along with my daughter!) and really enjoyed these chips. They are minimally processed and made with quality ingredients. I especially enjoyed the ancient grains flavor with teff, amaranth and chia seeds.

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