February 19, 2016

Products I'm Loving in 2016 Part 7

Ozery Bakery Rounds

1. Ozery Bakery Rounds

I've written about it before how much I love Ozery Bakery products. They make mini rounds and larger rounds that are full of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, etc. They come in several flavors including apple cinnamon, muesli, cranberry orange and date & chia. I like to either toast them or microwave them for 10 seconds and spread with nut butter.

Something new to add about these is that the mini ones are great for toddlers. My daughter loves them with peanut butter on them.

Jackson's Honest Chips

2. Jackson's Honest Chips

For a treat, I love to snack on some chips. My all-time favorite flavor has to be salt and vinegar so of course I had to try that kind. Jackson's Honest makes chips cooked in coconut oil! I also got to try the sweet potato and purple heirloom chips. I really liked all three of these flavors. I would buy them again.

Dave's Killer Bread

3. Dave's Killer Bread

I had heard about Dave's Killer Bread for years from other bloggers and recently got to try some myself. My husband took this bread and made French toast one weekend morning and it was amazing. I loved all of the seeds throughout the bread. I love a hearty, whole grain bread and this one was perfect. The 21 whole grains and seeds was my favorite with 5 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids in each slice. It is organic and the bread is moister than some whole-grain breads that can be dry.

It is also awesome toasted with peanut butter or used for a sandwich. My daughter really likes it too and I love knowing that she is getting the whole-grains that she needs.

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