March 29, 2016

Adalyn 17-18 Month Update

My baby is 1 1/2! I want to say that I can hardly believe it but it does seem like her first birthday was quite awhile ago. Plus, a lot has happened between September and now. The last couple of months have been fun with not too many changes. Here is what Adalyn has been up to:

Clothing/diaper size: Size 18 month clothes, size 5 shoes, size 3 diapers

Eating: Well, we finally stopped breastfeeding. March 16th was our last day so we made it 18 months! I had some emotions about stopping but I think that it is for the best. I am not sure that Adalyn was completely ready but for personal reasons, I decided that now was a good time. I will miss those sweet times for sure.

Adalyn is still an awesome eater. The only issue is that she does not really like milk. She throws a cup of milk but will drink some if I put a little banana milk in it. Not more than 4 ounces per day. So for now, we are focusing on other sources of calcium. I recently went through a big list of vegetables and made sure that she has tried all of them.

Sleep: Except for the last few nights, Adalyn has been sleeping a lot better. She goes to bed at 7-7:30 and sleeps until about 7:15 AM. She takes a 2 1/2-3 hour nap for us and longer for my mom. Sometimes for us, she really fights taking a nap and sometimes wins.

-Walking up the stairs, not crawling up
-Holding our hands when walking outside- so cute!

-"Jumping" up and down- sometimes she leaves the ground, sometimes not. A lot of the times, she just bounces her knees haha.

-Obsessed with putting chapstick on and she smacks her lips until we give it to her.

-She just started walking on her toes which I think is cool because I did that when I was little.

-New words: MAMA!! A month or so ago, Adalyn finally started saying Mama and says it all day long. I love it! She also says: "pee" for pig, "gock" for snack, "guck" for duck, Huck which is my mom's dog, "Ah" for our dog Ava, "nana" or banana for banana, "mo" for more, "bea" for a bear and some more that I am probably forgetting.

-Can point to all of her body parts when asked.
-Is a lot better at letting us know what she wants which makes life so much easier.

-Loves to dance and do Ring Around the Rosie and always knows when to fall down.

-Still obsessed with brushing her teeth. We have about 8 toothbrushes floating around the house which Adalyn carries all over and chews on.

-Loves to be read to. Favorite books include "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?", "Goodnight Gorilla" and any book with animals in it.
-Is so cuddly and loving- I love this so much!!

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  1. How precious. My 21 month year old son is a lot like your daughter except he loves milk. He especially loves when I share my vanilla smoothie with him! Maybe she will like it in time!

  2. I am sure enjoying watching your little girl grow up! It is interesting to read about her likes and dislikes. I was wondering if you had heard of the fact that Pasteurized milk isn't good for our children or for us? Actually raw milk has been proven to be more healthy and it has also been proven to be safe. Here is some information on that subject. Maybe Adalyn would like raw milk. I would like to know your thoughts. If the page darkens while reading you might want to sign up on this website. I do a lot of research on this website. It is free to sign up, although I don't sign up for the e-mails because I can't keep up with them. Excellent information from this Naturopathic Dr. His name is Dr. Mercola.

    Also, I would also like to send Adalyn a special gift. You are so gracious to send us gifts, that I would like to send one to you and your family. Please e-mail me or give me your e-mail address and regular address and I will send it to you.

    1. Hi Cheryl, I do not agree that raw milk is safe. Milk is pasteurized for a reason which is to make it safe to drink. I spoke with dairy farmers on my trip with the United Dairy Industry of Michigan and they said that they would not drink raw milk and find it be unsafe. They actually go to a normal grocery store like you or I to purchase their milk- pasteurized.

      Please email me for my address. I cannot see your email- Thank you!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hello Amanda, I tried to send you an e-mail on the above address and all it said was: the address "" in the "To" field was not recognized. Please make sure that all addresses are properly formed. I wonder what that meant? I am stumped! Let me send you mine. It is


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