April 16, 2016

Why You Should Get a Yearly Eye Exam

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Why You Should Get a Yearly Eye Exam
Talking about eyes is a common topic around my house for a couple of reasons. 1. My dad has been an optometrist for almost 27 years and my brother is finishing his third year of optometry school. 2. My 19 month old daughter is obsessed with saying eyes and pointing to people's eyes (and poking you in the eye lol).

My brother Edwin giving my Mom an eye exam.
Growing up, we would go and job shadow my dad for "take your child to work day" and enjoyed seeing what he did. Although I did not follow in his footsteps as an optometrist, I have always had an interest in health care which I think could have come from this.

5 day old Adalyn getting her first exam ; )
My brother is in the last little bit of schooling to become an optometrist which is super exciting. He will be starting his rotations soon at different locations and will be graduating next May as an O.D.!

The unofficial model for glasses!
I recently learned about a neat initiative that I can stand behind called the Think About Your Eyes Initiative which focuses on taking care of your eyes and getting an annual exam. I think that it is easy to forget about eye health unless there is a big problem. Eye health is just as important as other kinds of health.

Mom, how do these glasses look on me?
For example, most people go for an annual physical to the doctor to make sure that everything is alright including blood work. Some people think that unless they are having a lot of trouble seeing or have an eye infection or something, they do not need an exam. This is not true! You could be having vision problems that are straining your eyes that you are not really aware of.

Also, eye doctors can help discover diabetes and eye problems in their early stages which some people do not know that they have. A new study taken at a gym showed that even health conscious people often neglect their eye health. Visit the Think About Your Eyes eye care professional locator to find an eye doctor near you and schedule an exam. If you are in the Metro Detroit area, visit Dr. Gay! And if you wait another year, you can visit the other Dr. Gay ; ).

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