June 03, 2016

Products I'm Loving in 2016 Part 15 + Giveaway

Cross Captain America Pen

1. Cross Pens

As a teacher, my husband is always bringing work home. This photo below was taken during Memorial Day weekend and that stack of notebooks you see is about 1/10 of what he needed to grade. Since he is writing all the time, he needs good pens to write with. We love the pens from Cross because they are beautiful and great quality. 

Cross Captain America Pen
This is a Captain America pen which is perfect for my husband because he loves Captain America and anything superhero. It is just a little touch that makes using the pen more fun. They also have Iron Man and Spider Man pens as well. Writing with a Cross pen is not like any other pen. It writes so smoothly and is just perfect. 

This Salted Caramel Baked Oatmeal topped with bananas and toasted nuts makes the perfect cozy breakfast! It tastes indulgent but is nutritious and filling.

2. Gourmesso Coffee

Every day, I get excited to drink my cup of coffee. I love my coffee hot and with some milk (and often cinnamon). Sipping on a cup of coffee makes the perfect morning for me. I drink my coffee slow out of a Contigo mug which keeps it hot for a long time. On the weekends, I love to sit with my husband and drink our coffee as we watch our daughter play. In the warm summer months, there is something so nice about sitting outside in the early morning with a cup of coffee that I love. I can’t go a day without my beloved coffee!

There is something about sitting with the ones that you love and drinking a cup of coffee. I remember when I was dating Troy and I offered him a cup of coffee at my parent's house and he said "no, thank you". I was like "Troy, you have to! Drinking coffee together is such a social thing.". Since then, he certainly has changed. Troy loves coffee now and drinks at least a cup a day. He gets super excited for coffee too. 

We actually prefer coffee at home to coffee out because we know how to make it like it how we like it. Troy often drinks his coffee black or with just some milk or cream. He used to like a ton of sweetened creamers but has changed a lot since then. I like flavored coffees usually the best and my husband likes any kind, as long as it is never decaf haha.

I love quality coffee and that is exactly what the coffee from Gourmesso is. It comes in these little pods where 10 of them can fit in a small container which is nice to not take up a ton of room. These capsules are made for Nespresso machines. They are up to 30% cheaper than typical Nespresso pods at about $.45 each. They are cheaper than a lot of k-cups and taste awesome.

You can also use these coffee to cook with. For example, I was an awesome coffee panna cotta recipe recently that I wanted to try. I think that the house blend espresso would also be really good in a cheesecake. Another idea would be overnight oats. I think that overnight oats with espresso would be very tasty and would give you the boost of caffeine that many people need in the morning.

Santa Cruz Organic Aqua Fresca

3. Santa Cruz Organic

I was sent some of the Santa Cruz Organic products to try out. I had not tried any of these before even though I often see them in the grocery stores near me. My husband loved the lemonade. He drank it straight and enjoyed mixing it with tea for a tea-lemonade mix. I liked the mango passionfruit agua fresca which was sweet despite being part water. It was good to drink on a hot day.  Along with the pomegranate and mango passionfruit flavors, they also have a grapefruit one which I want to try.

Santa Cruz Organic Apple Sauce
My daughter loves the Santa Cruz Organic apple sauce. It does not have sugar added which is what I look for when I buy her applesauce. If you are a mom and have not tried pouches for your kids, you have to! They are so easy to take on the go and kids love them.


The giveaway will be for two bottles of Santa Cruz Agua Fresca to one winner!
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Disclosure: The products in this post were provided for review (some from the Moms Meet program). Compensation may have been received for some of the products. All opinions are my own.

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  1. the pomegranate and lemonade are great together

  2. We would love to try the Santa Cruz organic Juices! They look delicious!

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  4. i would like to try all of them i pick Lemonade first

  5. I would like to try the lemonade flavor the most.The mango passionfruit also sounds good too.

  6. I want to try Santa Cruz Organic Mango Passionfruit. I already love the sweetness and color of mango and passionfruit is relaxing and has antioxidants along with the mango.

  7. Will you be announcing a winner on the Rafflecopter entry form?


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